Mr. Saleh Al-Nemer

CTO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


CTO and HIT Domain lead of HPE Saudi & MESA Region, with strong background and knowledge about Cloud System, Networking, Storage solutions, Big Data, Analytics platforms and IOT technologies, empowered by the software experience that runs Cloud Core solutions, cloud native applications & Open Source development tools


In the past few years, Saleh worked as a Senior Engineer & Consultant for emerging converged solutions offering solution stacks for modern automated Data Centers and focused on how automation and big data can change the way that IT works and how it can positively add to the IT teams, business in our lives.

Saleh lately focused area was on Solutions from Cloud & Data Center Operation Automation, data analytics and IOT. With Saleh Consultation approach, helping customers understand and implement the needed solution component whether cloud that can carry few hundred of services up to service providers that can handle hundreds of thousands of running services, or modern IT solution that embrace the Idea Economy to help them to start the transformation Journey, from EAAS up to IIOT, depending on their Business Objectives, Maturity level, and Investment capabilities.

Saleh has joined HP in 2007 as Delivery field engineer for HP KSA – TSG. And from there he grew up within HPE were he occupied several roles as in 2009 he was customer delivery specialist. In 2011, he became a data center solution expert and the first HPE Cloud System Matrix lead in MEMA region. In 2012, he took the role of Presales Technology Consultant L3. In 2014, he became the Senior Cloud Pre-Sales Technology Consultant for HPE EMEA focusing on MEMA region and 2016 start handling the role of Senior Technology Consultant and recently he was appointed as Regional CTO and hybrid IT domain lead.
Saleh Graduated with Honor from UN holding Bachelor degree in Technology and Applied Sciences IT Programing.


“Digital transformation brings people & companies together creating new business models where infrastructure of the information Society AKA IOT & the new curve of digital transformation like AI, the Machine learning and robotics are just the beginning of another area of new IT models”

Saleh Al-Nemer