Eng. Majed Mohammad Alshodari

Chief Information Security Officer, Allied Cooperative Insurance Group (ACIG)


Eng. Majed Mohammad Alshodari is the current CISO of the Allied Cooperative Insurance Group (ACIG). He is a Certified Chief Information Security Officer & Certified Digital Business Transformation Officer and has over 20 years of international professional experience at both the senior management and technical hands-on level in holding, contracting, banking, supply chain, Oil & Gas, real-estate, construction, insurance, automotive, and investment services industries in addition to real-time systems and digital transformation along with other business departments. 


His main aim is to provide companies with IT insight, enabling businesses, security guidance, and leadership that will foster a successful business decision-making platform using the right set of IT portfolios. Due to his vast experience in the field of Information Security, Digital Business Transformations, and Emerging Technologies.


Eng. Majed has been awarded in many local and international summits including: 

  • First Saudi awarded as the BEST CISO in the world for 2018 Finalist
  • First Saudi awarded as Transformation Program Management
  • First Saudi instructed Certified CISO course in Saudi Arabia
  • First Saudi awarded as the best CEO in the Summit of SMB of the year award 2019
  • The winner of Arab CISO Award 2019
  • and Awarded in the COVID 19 Superheroes Tech awards 2020
  • He is also the Ex-Chairman of the Saudi Emerging Technology Forum 2019